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About Me

El Jefe is my keyboard name a.k.a pen name, a.k.a pseudonym. I am neither a chief nor a boss as Wikipedia defines it, although I do think of myself as a realist manager. I have an MBA which is not in Finance and a full time job as a techy in HTX.
This blog is not about the cognitive science of making money. We all know how to make money – work-sleep-work. It’s about getting started in life post-education, post-partying in your 20's and post-not-planning-about-your-future-self. It’s about securing a future and trying to live in the illusion called the American Dream and how my fam and I are trying to achieve it.

WIITFM (What Is In It For Me)

My MBA training says Value = Benefits – Cost. In the real-grown up world, it’s not quite as black-and-white.

Much like growing a plant in your patio or backyard, growing money takes patience, perseverance, re-potting, propagation and then finally seeing it flourish, hence Plants vs Money - the analogy.

In my professional career, I use verifiable data, real-world workforce training and expertise to back up my assertions. In Plants vs Money, I’ll just use the same approach, the realist manager approach. No, it’s not some MBA jargon, its straight-up talk that’s free from most forms of bullshit.

I am in my 30's, I have a young fam and I have realized that most people do not talk about how they make their money grow but talk about how they make their plants grow, they talk about how much money they have but not about how many plants they have growing in their patios and backyards. 

I am going to talk about my journey and how I am working towards attaining that American Dream, since I am not from HTX, not even from the US. I hail from a far-far land called India.

In Plants vs Money you will read nothing new about either plants or money that hasn’t been written over and over again in the personal finance space of the internet blogging world. However, you will learn about the things I have figured out, I have learnt by my own financial mistakes and how I have corrected them, and I will lay it out for you. What you do with that information is yours to keep non-copyrighted.

Having said that, keep in mind that I am not a financial guru, I am anonymous. So everything I write could be a falsified. But I do have a green thumb and I do grow plants.

There is a clear gap between how to achieve this American Dream and how it has drifted too far from the reality that the Founding Fathers had envisioned. My hope is to lessen this gap for me and you, that’s my value prop.

Why am I anonymous?

Like you, I like my privacy.

I may or may not be making up all of this shit, and being anonymous helps out there.
I may or may not use French while writing, and being anonymous helps out there as well.
I may or may not post my actual financial data, and being anonymous helps out there as well.
Keeping it real has it pitfalls, and being anonymous helps out there as well.

Disclosure and Disclaimer

Plants vs Money is not a marketing platform. I will however, add some relevant affiliate links into our conversations and the content I create to keep this blog/website up and running.

Get over it, that’s how the cookie crumbles. Else get outta here.

Thanks Yawl!


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